Glitter Grout Additive

Glitter Grout Additive


150 grams per pack

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Make your kitchen or bathroom stand out from the rest with Glitter Grout Additive. Sparkly Dust Glitter takes the average room and kicks it up a notch. Whether you adorn your walls with classic white subway tiles or exotic imported tiles, a touch of grout glitter adds personality to your every decorative choice.

The use of glitter for grout makes a unique statement to your bathroom or kitchen, simply by adding a drop of Glitter Grout Additive color to any standard grout for a glimmering statement of WOW. An extensive selection of colors is at your disposal to choose from, letting you be the expert in control of your bathroom or kitchen makeover, even if you are a DIY newbie. 

Use it with confidence! Our glitter for tile grout is 100% non-toxic. Along with our innovative, non-bleed, and non-rust technology, you can be confident that your masterpiece will continue to look incredible year after year. 

Our grout crystals combine with any epoxy, acrylic grout or cement product for a transformative effect.

This easy to use product is achieved simply by adding the crystal mixture to your grout, up to a max ration of 150g per 1kg of dry grout.

To start, we recommend that you first test the product on a small area before committing to the full project to assure you've achieved the desired effect.

Q: Should I apply the Glitter Grout Additive to dry or mixed grout?

A: It is okay to add to either dry or mixed grout.

Q: What is slaking?

A: Slaking is the process by which grout is left to sit in the bucket for a minimum of ten minutes after mixing. The reason is that this allows the chemicals to interact with each other prior to use. After this time, the grout should be mixed a final time before application.

Q: I've heard I should only apply grout in small batches. Is this true?

A: It is true that grout can harden fairly quickly, and especially so at higher temperatures (think: summer temps or non-air conditioned house). It is recommended to work in small batches, containing yourself to a 3.5ft x 3.5ft area at a time. As you apply, remember to spread the grout out onto and in the shape of the joints. Before moving onto a new section, it is important to clean the tile surface first.

Q: Should I pay close attention to the in-between joints of the tiles?

A: Yes, it is important to ensure the joints are entirely filled in with the glitter grout by pushing the mixture deep into all the in-between places, followed by removing any excess grout. This can be accomplished by positioning your float at a 90 degree angle to the tiles and then scraping across.

Q: Is this glitter additive safe to use around pets and children?

A: Glitter Grout Additive is entirely toxic-free, making it safe to use around pets and children. The PTFE coating properties are even used in many household products such as non-stick cooking pans.

Q: After application should I scrub the tiles clean?

A: It is not recommended to scrub the tiles after use as this could work in reverse to remove the glitter grout. Instead, gently wipe the tiles clean with a damp sponge or small washcloth. Be careful to use in a single direction and apply only slight pressure.

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