Home is where you can express your creative talents and make a space that shows off your personal styles and tastes. Sparkly Dust knows your home is your blank slate where anything is possible. Our complete range of innovative and eye-catching products put the power to create in the palm of your hand. Our unique products can be a subtle touch of drama applied to a fireplace or dash of sparkle added to the grout of your kitchen backsplash, all the way to a bold display of color used to perk up an accent wall or playroom feature. The options are endless!


From DIYers to professional contractors and home builders, the difference between average and phenomenal is all in the finishing touches. A little glimmer, a little shine, a little accent of color all work towards creating that wow-factor for a room where everyone loves to gather. With a varied selection of colors to personalize your space at incredible prices, there's no need to keep looking because you've found an easy-to-use product that delivers professional results every time!