Glitter for Paint

Glitter for Paint


150 grams per pack

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Glitter Paint for Walls

Take your home décor projects to the next level with our eye-catching Glitter for Paint

Sparkly Dust™ is a non-toxic glitter that produces a modern, shimmering sparkle and decorative effect when applied to a wide range of projects, including wall and ceiling surfaces, accent walls, kids' bedrooms, and playroom walls, and much, much more! Sparkly Dust™ maybe be brushed, rolled, or sprayed to add that extra “shimmer” to any project.
White Glitter for Paint

Sparkly Dust™ Specially-Coated Glitter for Paint is a simple way to add a sparkle finish to any painted surface.

  • Non-toxic, Child & Pet Safe
  • High-Temperature Resistant 
  • Tested with Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and other water-based brands
  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) is available upon request
  • Colorfast technology - Non-bleed, fade, rust, fad formulation
Silver Silver Holographic Azure White Olive Turquoise Turquoise Holographic Blue Frost Baby Pink Black Black Holographic Bronze Bronze Holographic Champagne Copper Copper Holographic Dark Rose Emerald Fuchsia Gold Gold Holographic Gold Silver Gold Silver Holographic Gun Metal Holographic Lavender Lime Green Lime Green HolographicMother of Pearl Purple Purple Holographic Red Red Holographic Rose Gold Rose Gold Holographic Rose Pink Rose Pink Holographic Sand Gold Sapphire Blue Sapphire Blue Holographic

Available in 39 colors to coordinate with your decor theme or desired effect, these glitter flecks flicker as they catch the light, drawing attention to your favorite architectural features, accent walls, and beyond.

non toxic glitter

The non-toxic and child-safe formula assures a safe approach to any home decor project, while the specially devised “colorfast” and “fade-resistant” technology is meant to wow for years! With a blend of “non-bleed” and “non-rust” particles, you can be assured of quality with every application without any negative effects on your efforts.

How To Use Glitter for Paint

Step 1. How to Use Glitter for Paint
Step 1. Add Glitter to Paint
Gradually empty the glitter into the paint while mixing. We recommend adding 150g of Glitter for Paint per 1 liter of the water-based wall or ceiling paints.
Step 2. Add Glitter to Paint
Step 2. Mix Thoroughly
Stir glitter and paint until you don't see any clumps.
Step 3. Apply Glitter Paint to Walls
Step 3. Paint
Your glitter paint is ready for painting with a roller on a flat surface or a wide brush on uneven surfaces.
Step 4. Buff Glitter Wall to Release More Sparkles
Step 4. Buffing (optional)
While this step is optional, we recommend completing it if you are looking for dramatic results as it reveals thousands of more crystals. Please note that the surface must be completely dry before moving to this step.

Don't fret about the details. Whether it's soft sheen, silk, matte or dead flat, Sparkly Dust™ glitter paint additive can be added to any emulsion paint for absolutely amazing results!

Option 1: Mix in one pack per gallon for a glisten of color and shine

Option 2: Add two packs per gallon for truly sparkling results

Option 3: Use three packs per gallon for dazzling dramatic sparkle

Create your unique color shades by experimenting with blended colors for a uniquely-you result!

We highly recommend you to run a test on a small surface area before committing to the entire project, to ensure you've achieved perfection in your color blending and desired level of sparkle finish.

STEP 1 - Preparation:
  • To begin, you will need to slightly clean your walls of dust and debris with a wet cloth.
  • Add the glitter paint additive to your chosen paint and use a wooden paint stick to stir the combo thoroughly for at least one minute or until lumps disappear entirely.
  • Make use of your painting roller or bristle paintbrush to remove any excess of paint from the wooden paint stick and apply it in a crisscross pattern onto the testing surface area. Once the paint is dry to the touch, you can gently buff it off to get an idea of how it will look on your walls.
STEP 2 - Applying the glitter paint:
  • Pour a little bit of glitter paint into the painting tray, roll the roller around for a bit, and then begin painting the wall.
  • Let the walls dry for at least 4 hours before moving to the buffing process.
  • If needed, you can safely apply a second coat after the first is completely dried.
STEP 3 - Buffing the surface:
  • After the paint is completely dry, buff the surface with the Sparkly Dust buffing pad in a circular motion to release thousands of more crystals.
  • Do a test on a small surface before committing to the entire shebang.
  • Be sure to read the manufacturer's directions for exact dry and recoat times for the paint you're using.
  • Use a quality nylon/polyester blend paint brush or roller for a smooth, professional finish and easy cleanup.
  • Re-stir the glitter paint throughout the project each time before pouring it into the painting tray.
  • When needed, apply two thin coats rather than one thick.
  • To speed up the drying process, open windows, and use fans, doing so will also ensure that your space is well-ventilated throughout the project.

Q: What is the process of buffing?

A: Buffing is the last step of your painting project that increases glitter effect up to 50%.

This fast and straightforward process will release thousands of more glitter crystals over a given area after knocking off the head of the paint by gently rubbing the buffing pad over the dried surface of the wall.

Q: Can I mix the glitter paint additive with any type of water-based emulsion paint?

A: Yes. Glitter Paint Additive is universally cooperative with nearly any type of water-based emulsion paint, with the only exception being paint with a specific "one coat" application, those designed specifically for kitchen & bathroom, durable, endurance and acrylic eggshells.

Q: I've used other brand glitter paint without success, so what makes your stand out from the competition?

A: In a side-by-side comparison with top competitors, our product was overwhelmingly chosen for its quality and finish 9 times out of 10. With the addition of the revolutionary, standard-changing PTFE coating technology, the results are in the way the glitter rises naturally to the surface to make for an exceptional effect on decorative finishes.

Q: Is PTFE coating safe for children and pets to be around?

A: PTFE type coatings are absolutely safe to use around children and pets. PTFE is harmless and can be found in anything from non-stick pans to the coatings of medical equipment due to its ability to resist and fight bacteria. Health and safety is a top priority at Sparkly Dust and as such, we assure our products are safe to use on all applications.

Q: What is a holographic rainbow effect and how does it work?

A: The process is quite simple. The crystals diffract white light to give off a prismatic reflection creating a rainbow effect of differing colors.

Q: Does lighting affect how the glitter acts?

A: Light does play a significant role in the way the glitter looks and acts. In a room that receives nice natural light or benefits from special overhead lighting, the result is that the glitter paint catches and reflects the glimmer particles within the paint.

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